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A small fudge shop based out of Lawrence, KS, delivering amazing small batch fudge in numerous flavors with expertise passed down from Mama Mona!

Returns Policy

The unthinkable...

This one is pretty simple and you've probably already guessed it: Since we're selling food here, we cannot accept returns.

The chances of you wanting to return it are pretty slim anyway, but you never know with folks these days... Strange tastes. 

If, for some reason, there is something terribly wrong with your order when it arrives (Kyle dropped it in a puddle, then got mad, stomped it, then still delivered it... or, we brought you the wrong flavor) then just shoot us a message or give us a call and we'll make it right. We're reasonable folks here.

Other than that, please enjoy your fudge. If you simply cannot enjoy it, give it to your friend and claim it was a gift for them all along - they'll love you for it!