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A small fudge shop based out of Lawrence, KS, delivering amazing small batch fudge in numerous flavors with expertise passed down from Mama Mona!

Terms & Conditions

The legal stuff we have to talk about...

Payment Handling

We use a state of the art, secure (as in super encrypted and nobody ever sees your payment info) payment handling system. To put it simply, Stripe does the heavy lifting for us on that. So you can be sure we never see nor store your payment info and neither does anyone else. We like to stay safe and sound just like you do.

Email Usage

We promise to never sell your email address or provide it to third parties with the exception of legal action by authorities. But, why would you ever give us reason to have to do that? 

While you're busy staying out of legal trouble and enjoying your fudge, we may periodically use your email for updates on new flavors, special deals and events, or other updates. You will always have the option of unsubscribing at any time.

Website Data & Privacy

Our website does store cookies - nope, you can't eat these kind - on your system (as do most all websites) for a temporary session as you browse. This allows us to save the items in your cart, for example. This is all very normal and safe behavior. 

We do not receive and store, nor send, nor use, nor sell any other information without you knowing. We also do not store nor ever have access to your payment information you enter during the checkout process.