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A small fudge shop based out of Lawrence, KS, delivering amazing small batch fudge in numerous flavors with expertise passed down from Mama Mona!


Shop all our current fudge flavors. Order them for friends and family, but make sure you get enough that they'll have some still when you're done "sampling" them all! Oh, we know how it goes.

Copy of Mona C's Fudge

Copy of Mona C's Fudge

from 3.50

Read through our menu, scroll through the photos, and make the difficult choice of which flavor you'll order. Or don't... you can order them all. We won't mind.

Get any flavor in either a 1 lb loaf or a four pack of Fudge Bites. We do not ship bites. Only door to door orders available. There is a minimum quantity for door to door deliveries. Please see shipping details.

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